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Peter Hannan’s Salt Aged Beef

Peter Hannan and Richie Wilson

Hannan Meats was established in 1991 and supplies SOLE with flavourful fillet and rib eye steaks.

Peter Hannan founder and owner of Hannan Meats, was born into a farming family and grew up on a beef and sheep farm in Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Hannan Meats work with 120 farmers on the island of Ireland, all are tried and trusted professionals producing the highest quality of meat.

All Hannan’s beef is extra-aged in their Himalayan Salt Chamber located in Moira, Co. Down. A 12ft wall of 1,000 Himalayan rock salt bricks are used to dry-age the meat. The translucent salt blocks, which vary in colour from white to orange and myriad of shades of pink, were imported from mines in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan’s Punjab region.

Himalayan salt is exceptional in terms of purity and its flavour-enhancing qualities, so our salt wall creates the perfect environment for the ageing process.

Over a period of 28–45 days, it concentrates the flavour of the meat, seals the natural juices and purifies the air in the room, producing totally unique, sweet, flavoursome and multi-award-winning beef.

The quality of Hannan Meats have been recognised by an array of prestigious awards and respected institutions such as World Steak Challenge and the Guild of Fine Goods Great Taste Awards.

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