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Ars Italica Caviar Experience at SOLE

We invite you to experience, Ars Italica Caviar at SOLE Seafood & Grill in Dublin.

Ars Italica Caviar in Dublin at SOLE

Caviar at SOLE – What is Ars Italica Caviar?
Caviar is one of the most exquisite delicacies in world cuisine that is produced in the clear spring waters of the Po Valley Italy.

The values of Ars Italica Caviar are sustainability, craftsmanship and quality, they are the guiding principles and goals of this business which began in 1977.

Embarking on a luxurious Caviar dining experience at SOLE can be unique for several reasons:

  1. Caviar’s unique flavour is a combination of salty, briny, buttery and nuttiness. At SOLE you can savour these distinctive tastes by trying our 3 caviars; Oscietra Classic, Royal e Imperial, Da Vinci, Sevruga.
  2. Caviar is associated with luxury and what better way to celebrate a special occasion by enhancing your dining experience at Europe’s best Luxury Seafood Restaurant. Elevate your Caviar experience by pairing it with our Veuve Clicquot Champagne Flight, this is the ultimate way to celebrate in sophistication and style.
  3. Caviar is often paired with Champagne however at SOLE not only do we have the Veuve Clicquot Champagne Flight, we also offer a Vodka Martini Flight consisting of Belvedere Gibson, Grey Goose Twist and Cîroc Dirty served ice cold.
  4. Did you know Caviar is associated with celebrations and special occasions? Trying caviar at SOLE allows you to embark on a culinary journey enjoyed by royalty and special celebrations throughout history.

Ars Italica Caviar

Caviar is obtained only from sturgeons grown in the clear waters of the Ticino Park.
Different qualities of sturgeon are produced from the delicious eggs of these sturgeons caviar Ars Italica: Oscietra Classic, Royal e Imperial, Da Vinci, Sevruga.

Calvisius Caviar Experience at SOLE

The Three Unique Flavours of Caviar at SOLE

Sevruga Royal

From the Star Sturgeon, Sevruga is known to have the strongest flavour profile amongst all of SOLE’s Caviar, with rich and complex flavours of the sea with a slight touch of hazelnut.

Oscietra Royal

The Russian Sturgeon brings a rich, nutty and creamy caviar flavour which is so prized that it sets the standard in Caviar. Oscietra Royal exhibits notes of pear, butter and hazelnut with a bright, refreshing finish.

Da Vinci Royal

From the Adriatic sturgeon, one of three species originally from Italy, presents a bold flavour of oster and seaweed, with an iodized note, reminiscent of the sea.

Caviar and Vodka Martini Flight pairing

Vodka Martini Flight pairing

A martini with Caviar pairing is a dream waiting to happen. SOLE’s Vodka Martini Flight consists of Belvedere Gibson, Grey Goose Twist and Cîroc Dirty served ice cold.

Due to their complementing flavours, vodka and caviar make a classic culinary pairing. Vodka’s sharpness balances the caviar’s richness.

This combination gives a window into a world of stunning luxury and refined taste, whether you are celebrating a special occasion or treating yourself to one of life’s luxuries.

John Giovannini of Ars Italica visiting SOLE Seafood & Grill

SOLE’s Head Chef Oscar Mingyi Chen and Food and Beverage Executive Cristina McLeod, pictured with John Giovannini of Ars Italica Caviar on his recent trip to Dublin.

Ars Italica’s Story

Ars Italica’s story behind in the late 70’s with the birth of Agroittica, an avant-garde fish farm where an all-Italian experience is created with respect for nature, passion for perfectly crafted products and a strong pursuit of perfection.

Quality, Craftsmanship and Sustainability are the pillars of Ars Italica Caviar’s values, guiding principles and the goal of all their efforts.

The quality of Ars Italica products relies directly upon the well-being of the sturgeons. For this reason, the farms use only spring water and feed the sturgeons with the highest quality foods.

They have direct control over every aspect of the sturgeon’s lives; this allows them to trace the history and origin of each package that is put on the market.

Sustainability of Ars Italica Caviar

Since 1998, sturgeon has been listed by the Washington Convention as a species in danger of extinction. Ars Italica have been fighting every day for over 30 years to safeguard this endangered fish species.

They were awarded the Certificate of Friends of the Sea for the sustainable approach they have in breeding and their manufacturing facility is certified “BRC” and “IFS high level” which is unique in the world of sturgeon breeders and caviar producers.

While caviar may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s worth trying at least once to appreciate its unique qualities and the luxurious experience that accompanies it at a Dublin seafood restaurant like SOLE.

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